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Spring Statement 2018

  • Overview
  • Personal Tax
  • Business Tax
  • Employer Tax
  • Capital Taxes
  • Other Matters
  • Tax Rates and Allowances 2018/19

Insight - Spring 2018

  • Class 2 National Insurance plans put on hold for 12 month
  • Paying Dividends
  • New rates and bands on the way
  • Self-employed and want a mortgage?
  • National Minimum wage: new rates from 1 April 2018
  • Tax on aquiring property in Wales
  • Inheritance Tax
  • When a spouse dies
  • Work; a whole new world

The Budget - Autumn 2017

  • Main Budget tax proposals
  • Personal Tax
  • Business Tax
  • Employment Taxes
  • Capital Taxes
  • Other Matters
  • Rates and Allowances

Insight - Winter 2017

  • New scheme to fund small business reports success
  • Changes to pensions auto-enrolment
  • National minimum wage - where are we now?
  • When an employee is in crisis
  • Accidentally becoming a landlord
  • HMRC computer fix for personal tax returns
  • Making Tax Digital - plans for VAT
  • New HMRC online help for small businesses

Insight - Summer 2017

  • Another tax rise will soon be on us
  • Planning for the reduction in dividends allowance
  • Making Tax Digital - Where are we now?
  • Marriage allowance - now worth £432 for many peope
  • 6 April 2017 - Attention landlords
  • Leading your team to success
  • Financing companies and tax relief
  • Did you know there are new car tax rates?

The Budget - March 2017

  • Main Budget tax proposals
  • Personal Tax
  • Business Tax
  • Employment Taxes
  • Capital Taxes
  • Other Matters
  • Rates and Allowances

Insight - Spring 2017

  • New finance service
  • VAT flat rate scheme changes
  • Some good news for companies
  • Don’t ERr in your claim
  • Venture capital Trust
  • State pension entitlements
  • A TAAR which is not so targeted
  • Will we see a change in the main inflation measure?

Autumn Statement 2016

  • Overview
  • Personal Tax
  • Business Tax
  • Employment Issues
  • Capital Taxes
  • Other Matters
  • Financial accounts for small companies - time to choose
  • All change at the goverment’s business department

Insight - Winter 2016

  • A busy time ahead for our tax system
  • New tax-free childcare scheme - launch date is nearly here
  • Dealing with distractions
  • New tax relief for investors
  • Rental income splits
  • Inheritance tax receipts continue to rise
  • Financial accounts for small companies - time to choose
  • All change at the goverment's business department

Insight - Autumn 2016

  • Sorting out interest receipts
  • Brexit and tax
  • Pensions auto enrolment and directors
  • Poor service levels at HMRC could mean you have paid the wrong amount of tax
  • Cyber security for businesses
  • So why can’t my company get a tax deduction for a parking fine?
  • Is the closer alignment of Income Tax and National Insurance a realistic idea?
  • Captial gains have become attractive again - unless you have the wrong type of gains

Insight - Summer 2016

  • A new breed of State Pensioners
  • Small company taxation
  • Looking forward to the Lifetime ISA
  • When to sign a Gift Aid form
  • Salary sacrifice and Auto Enrolment
  • Minimum Wage rates increases rescheduled
  • Is Research and Developement tax relief available
  • Four reasons to add social media to your marketing plan

The Budget - March 2016

  • Reductions in the rates of captial gains tax
  • Introduction of a Lifetime ISA for under 40s
  • Changes to Entrepreneurs' Relief
  • Abolition of Class 2 NIC
  • Reduction in the corporation tax rate
  • Reforms to corporate tax losses

Spring 2016

  • New tax dangers when buying residential property
  • New marriage allowance – transferring personal allowance
  • Reduction of reliefs available for interest on borrowings for letting properties
  • Changes to the taxation of benefits on employees – Trivial Benefits exemption
  • Tax savings opportunities for small company owners following changes to the dividend regime

Winter 2015

  • Guidance for avoiding HMRC phising scams
  • Pension top up window open until 5 April 2017
  • Summary of the tax benefits available through use of the enterprise investment scheme
  • A new register for all companies - Changes to the method of annual reporting of significant controlling parties for limited companies
  • Property income – repairs and replacements – more changes on the way
  • Changes to taxation of Scottish taxpayers

Autumn 2015

  • Share issues to family & anti avoidance measures
  • Changes to dividend tax rules – self-employed or incorporation?
  • Flat rate pension – changes to state pension structure & worked examples
  • Annual investment allowance – now permanent and reduced to £200k
  • Maximising tax relief for two homes

Summer 2015

  • Class 2 NI to be calculated and paid through self-assessment
  • Updated rates for company car benefits in kind – removal of 3% supplement for diesel cars from 6 April 2016
  • Increase to audit exemption thresholds for charities
  • IHT – changes in tax treatment of annuities drawn by beneficiary

Spring 2015

  • Employers NI allowance – up to £2,000 saving for entitled businesses
  • SDLT update – proceeds taxed at each separate rate of tax
  • Incorporation – removal of reliefs available upon the introduction & writing down of goodwill introduced
  • CIS – Results & recommendations following government consultation
  • Restriction to reliefs on repairs for owners of part furnished lettings
  • State Pension – Top ups & purchasing additional entitlement

Winter 2014

  • RTI – late submission penalty summary
  • Tax treatment for redress for miss-sold interest hedging products
  • Conditions for claiming allowances on fixtures purchased with property
  • Entrepreneurs relief – Criteria for eligibility of tax relief
  • Travel & Subsistence – HMRC's position on qualifying expenditure

Autumn 2014

  • Summary of reliefs available for investment schemes
  • Employee pensions – Auto Enrolment or Salary Sacrifice?
  • Increases to national minimum wage from 1 October 2014
  • Updated rates for company car benefits in kind

Summer 2014

  • Increase to tax relief on savings income for low earners
  • Increase to the limits & changes to rules on ISA deposits
  • Increased deductions for tax & greater repayment limits for R&D expenditure
  • Tax relief on childcare costs extended beyond employer provided vouchers

Spring 2014

  • Disguised Remuneration - Employed or Self-Employed?
  • EMI - Employee share options
  • Changes to state pension eligibility age
  • Reduction to annual & lifetime pension contribution allowances
  • Business rates capped to 2%









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